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Create Advertisements for your books that sell


Make your book stand out from the crowd, gain traction in a competitive marketplace, win new readers and grow your fan base with time-tested advertising techniques.

You know the ?how’, understand the ?why’.

You’ve spent countless hours writing your book, polishing ever word and editing your work. You put publish it on Amazon and wait for the interest, the attention, the reviews but you get – nothing. No sales. No accolades. Just a fast falling sales rank. Then you start to think your book isn’t getting traction because it just isn’t good enough.

You doubt your book, your ability to write and your dream to be a writer vanishes.  It’s beyond frustrating.

It’s debilitating.

You think all of those things, because your mind likes to toss up the worst case scenario, but the answer might t easier than you think. It might be just that face that you’ve got to brush up on your copywriting techniques and appeal to your target reader in the right way.

But how do you do that?

There are lots of book helping authors to advertise their book, but they are ?how to’ manuals. You can get just as much information from logging onto a paid advertising site and searching their FAQ’s. You proceed anyway. You set up your advertisement, choose whether you want traffic or page reads, choose your daily spend…and then the questions get a bit tougher.

Target audience? Who are they?

Headline? What do I say?

Body copy? What’s that?

Call to Action? Say what?

You end up wasting advertising dollars with very little result. You give up in frustration and your book remains undiscovered.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In ?Advertising Secrets for Authors: Create Advertisements for your books that sell’, tried and tested advertising techniques that large advertising agencies and savvy copywriters use to sell are discussed and directly applied to the fiction and nonfiction book industry.

You’ll learn tips and tricks that have proven time and again to make emotional connections that work. From defining exactly who your readers are, researching the right keywords, techniques to help your write snappy, irresistible headlines, compelling body copy, and desirous call to action, you’ll not only learn the ?how;, but more importantly, the ?why’.

You’ll be able to create copy that resonates on a deep emotional level and make people want to read your book. No hard sell, discount price promotions or exhaustive giveaways required.

Learn how to take your book from obscurity to best-selling status.


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