Booklover Scarves

This beautiful silk chiffon scarf features a colourful bookshelf design, featuring gorgeous decorated cloth editions of titles from the Bodleian Libraries collection.


This scarf was produced to celebrate 150 years since the publication of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This beautifully delicate and floaty scarf depicts scenes, favourite characters and memorable quotations from the book.

This Banned Books Scarf is a gorgeous statement piece. With a lightweight cotton mix fabric, this scarf features a partly redacted list titles of books that have been banned in various countries around the world.


This library stamp inspired scarf is a gorgeous celebration of old-school library technology. The material is soft and luxurious. Perfect for any librarian and book enthusiast! 

A full-size pashmina scarf, printed with the 800 series of Dewey Classification. Fine enough to use as a scarf, large enough to wrap around your shoulders.

Available in a choice of three colours.

As a sequel to our Poe-ka Dot tote bag, we now present a Poe inspired scarf. A lovely lightweight scarf for the gothically inclined.

This typewriter inspired scarf is gorgeously writerly! The material is soft and luxurious, and the colours have a nostalgic vintage feel. Perfect for any writer.

This beautiful Pride and Prejudice scarf is inspired by a novel which remains extraordinarily popular, more than 200 years after it was published. A beautiful blend of blues based on cover artwork by Hugh Thomson.