Aussie Hearts Vol 2
3 big romance books in 1 box set, including:
Love in the Highcountry


Eden has fled to the beautiful high country in the Victorian Alps to escape her domineering family and to enjoy her greatest passion – photography. A passion she wants to build into a career. When she happens on a very sexy, very — naked — man swimming in a river, the temptation is too great and she can’t resist snapping a few shots of him for her portfolio.


Adam Blackstone is an undercover cop living locally to infiltrate a gang of bikies suspected of drug trafficking. He soon realises the beautiful stranger in town has been photographing him and has to find out why. Adam is a man who cannot trust anyone. He’s intense, damaged, jaded.


Eden is a woman has spent her life wrapped in cotton-wool, protected by controlling parents. She’s meek, naïve and sweet. They must open their hearts and learn to trust one another if they are ever to be together. But first, they must survive the danger that threatens to tear them apart. Love in the Highcountry is an intense and thrilling romance that offers a blast of fresh alpine air in a pristine landscape.


But amid the beautiful birdlife and the picturesque views lurks a menace that could spell disaster for Eden and Adam.


Love in the Highcountry was previously published as Double Exposure.
Scenes have been updated and edited from the Double Exposure issue.  Love in the Highcountry is an updated work.

Wild in the Outback


Documentary maker Dan Masters is completely out of his comfort zone in the wild outback Australia. Passionate park ranger, Victoria Price, couldn’t be more at home in the wilderness. After Victoria saves Dan from the jaws of a ferocious crocodile, she can’t get away from him fast enough. But her amazing rescue has been filmed during their preliminary shoot, and when the film’s investors see the footage, they demand Dan do whatever it takes to get Victoria involved in the movie. Including blackmail.

Ordered to take part, Victoria reluctantly joins Dan on safari where they fight poachers, fire ants and a powerful attraction for each other that becomes increasingly difficult to deny. But desire is a dangerous game…

Wild in the Outback was previously published as Wild At Heart. Scenes have been updated and edited. Wild in the Outback this is an updated work with fully edited and new scenes.

Makeover Miracle


Abbey Miller and her friend Jennifer have been picked from a live audience to take part in reality television show Makeover Miracle. This is Abbey’s worst nightmare, and brings back deep memories of being teased and the brunt of cruel jokes. The last thing Abbey wants is her soul to be laid bare for the whole of Australia to see, but being the true friend she is, she agrees to help Jennifer, who desperately wants to change her life.


Quinn Campbell, the producer of Makeover Miracle can see Abbey crumbling live on stage, and after she vomits into a wastepaper basket, goes to her aid, not expecting see such a sad, haunted look in her eyes. There’s something about Abbey that reaches out to him. The look in her eyes brings back long buried memories of his sister and his failure as a brother to help her. This is a story about one woman’s journey through harsh emotional abuses and the man who is able to make her believe in herself.


Set against the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Makeover Miracle is a story about forgiveness, understanding, personal growth and, of course, falling in love with that one special person.


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