Cursed and Fallen Box Set
3 big romance books in 1 box set, including:


Daman Quade wants to die, but when he does an angel rescues him – an angel who doesn’t remember who she is or what she was doing in that dark alley. All Daman knows is that he should be dead and the angel shouldn’t be alive on earth. Daman wants to help the angel return to her place in the otherworlds and enlists the help of Father Joseph. They discover that Angel has to returned by a flesh and blood sacrifice in three days or she is doomed to walk the earth until the end of time, neither angel nor human.


Daman is torn, knowing he must be the sacrifice to save Angel and wanting to live and love again in the one chance of life Angel has given him. Angel has a very big secret. She has fallen in love with Daman. Now that she is flesh and blood, her physical attraction is all-consuming. She doesn’t want to go back. She wants to become human, to live and love as a mortal woman. And she wants Daman at her side until death do them part. But that might be earlier than she thinks.


Daman must survive otherworldly demons and death itself to claw his way back to a life where they both can be together. But after all that – will Angel’s secret prove too much to overcome?



Katia wasn’t born with her ‘gift’. It was genetically engineered by a madman who once proclaimed to be her father, yet destroyed her for ‘The Greater Good’. After years of abuse and torture, after fighting to complying against her father’s atrocities, after escape and re-capture, and now drawing her dying breath Katia does what she has refused to do—use her gift—to destroy the lab that has been her living hell.


Only she doesn’t die. And she doesn’t escape. She wakes into a new world, weak and disoriented, where nothing makes sense. She is told by Doctor Julius Freeman that she has been found deep underground and has been in an induced coma for over one hundred years. As handsome and as kind as he is, she doesn’t trust him. Doesn’t trust anybody, let alone the most absurd lie she has ever heard.


As Katia staggers through the streets of Melbourne, she realises with a sickening sense of dread that Julius was telling her the truth. But not only has she travelled through a century, so has her father. The peace she so desperately wants, has escaped her again.


Katia stirs more than strictly professional feelings within Julius, however he harbours a dark secret he knows will break Katia apart if she finds out. Blackmailed, Julius needs Katia to end his own nightmare and faces an impossible choice. He ignores his feeling until they burn a simmering ache in his heart.


When Julius is attacked and kidnapped, bleeding and on the verge of death, Katia must face her demons. Fight like she’s never fought before to save the man she loves, or risk everything and became the Hell on Earth her father has groomed her to become.


What happens when your most horrific nightmare becomes a reality?


When she is attacked by the very demons that haunt her nightmares, the man from Darcy’s dreams comes to rescue her. Only Ronan isn’t a man. He’s an Angel. And he isn’t happy to see her. He’s angry. Very angry.


Then he proceeds to tell her the nightmare is real. And she’s in more danger than she could possibly comprehend. Not only that, she’s also an Angel and they have to fight the strongest demon ever created — Asmodeus — and stop him bringing Hell to Earth.


The thing is, she has no memory of being an Angel. She can’t wield a sword. She has no wings. And she’s a pacifist. A humble Graphic Designer who just wants to start her own business.


In order to defeat Asmodeus, Darcy must regain her Angel-Power using the chakra power-centres of the Earth, while battling lesser demons and her overwhelming desire for Ronan she feels with every cell in her body.