Desperate times call for desperate measures!

It's Valentine's Day and Nancy is determined... to make sure her g-string doesn't cut her in half... to hobble through the door to her husband's work in six inch stilettos (even though she's never worn them before in her entire life... and to restore her marriage!


I’ve gotta sex it up. I’ve gotta sex it up. I’ve gotta sex it up.

Nancy killed the engine and the mantra, resting her forehead against the steering wheel. ?Why do I have to sex it up?’ she whispered to herself.

Oh, yeah! Reignite her marriage. And today was Valentine’s Day!

It was the perfect excuse when she’d dropped the kids off at school. It was the perfect excuse when she’d high-tailed it back home to prepare herself. It was even the perfect excuse when she’d shaved her legs and rubbed perfumed lotions all over her body.

She’d looked forward to dressing in the blood-red sexy under-things she’d purchased for the occasion; and in her size. Usually such skimpy items came in negative-numbers clothing reserved only for the seriously malnourished and stick-boned.

After twenty years of marriage and two children, she was neither of those things.

She’d felt quite brave when she’d bought them but now that she was close to the grand reveal of “Operation Marriage Restoration”, she didn’t feel the same way. In reality, she revealed far too much skin, a flabby belly, treacherous thighs and a bum you could land a jumbo on.

Her plan, when she’d worked it out in its pre-operative glory, didn’t account for underarm sweatiness or heavy breathing or perspiration between the thighs. Well, not pre-seduction when she sat in the car. That was meant to be the outcome of the plan.

The serious problem in her plan was that it was for the rather obscure “future”. But now that she sat in the carpark of Mike’s work in the sexy little under-things hidden beneath a trench coat, the safety barrier of time was stripped bare.

However, the lingerie had cost a fortune and Nancy was nothing if not frugal. She was going to get her money’s worth even if it gave Mike a good laugh. So not the outcome she wanted. However, she forced open the car door, resolutely shut it behind her and clicked the lock. A fresh breeze blew up the bottom of the trench coat and icy tendrils caressed the back of her thighs and bottom. Blood-red lacy under-things didn’t quite ward off a mid-winter chill.

Nancy took a deep breath and held it for a moment, resisting the urge to crawl back into the safety of the car. She was here to get her priorities straight and her marriage was worth the uncomfortable feeling of the G-string that rode so high it may need to be surgically removed.

This was the reason she was here. Re-igniting her marriage that had slowly dimmed over years of familiarity, finances, children.

Today she rebelled.

She missed the closeness they’d once shared; the intimate evenings when they’d only needed themselves. She missed her best friend. She missed the sex. The mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex of her pre-kid, pre-flab, carefree youth.

The body might be older, a little flabbier — who was she kidding, a LOT flabbier — but she had given birth to children. Her body had matured into a tool of her life. It had the scars to prove it. Besides, she loved her children, her family, her husband.

But not the distance it had brought between Mike and herself.

She kept this in mind as she tottered across the carpark and into the warm interior of the reception area. She ignored her pinched toes jammed into the red shoes she’d bought to match the under-things. They were the perfect slutty finish she’d wanted. Unfortunately they were a size too small. However, who was she to care about a little thing like walking properly. Her toes weren’t the body parts that were going to give her the orgasm she planned to have.

?Hi, Gail. Is Mike in his office?’

The receptionist’s face lit with recognition. ?Sure Nancy. He’s on the phone right now. Can I take your coat while you wait?’

Nancy clutched the lapels and drew it tightly around her shoulders. She didn’t care if she looked like a dirty-cop, this thing was staying on — for now. ?Errr, no. I’m… warding off a cold. I’ll keep it on.’ She forced a cough.

?Okay then. Go right in.’ Gail smiled and Nancy tip-toed down the corridor inwardly wincing with each step.

Her body heated from the inside out, on fire with radical tingles, both nerves and dread deadening her footsteps until she reached Mike’s office door. She couldn’t really feel her body, only her heated breath shaking between too dry lips.

She licked her lips, willing her hand to the doorknob and opening the door. There was no reason for nerves like this. Mike was her husband. He knew her body better than she did, but still, they prevailed because she’d never done anything so audacious before. She slipped into his office and stumbled against the back of the door.

Mike was on the phone and raised his brows when he saw her. She felt for the doorknob. The soft click of the lock was final. There was no going back.

She commanded her legs to move to the window, thankfully sighing relief when they obeyed. She turned her gaze to her husband while she twisted the cord and the vertical drapes shut the outside world away.

Next she made her legs take her to Mike’s desk, relaxing a little. A heel slipped, toes pinched, ankle twisted, knee buckled and the stiletto heel skipped across the floor. Nancy tottered against the backdrop of Mike’s dawning horror.

?No! Don’t move.’ She flung out a hand, palm side out when Mike went to rise from his office chair. Somehow she managed to regain her balance.

?Nance, are you okay?’

She grinned, baring her teeth against the pain of her crushed toes and a twisted ankle. ?Fine. I’m… fine.’ He needed to be seated to do what she’d planned. Adding a little bit of spice to their marriage was worth the pain.

?You. Back. Now,’ she commanded to his half standing posture.

Mike resettled back into his chair as she shuffled between his knees, took the phone out of his hand and put it to her ear. ?He’ll call you back soon. He’s just been called into an emergency meeting.’ And hung up.

Mikes mouth worked open and closed. ?Do you know who you hung up on?’

?No idea. Don’t care.’ Not when she was injecting some much needed so-non-vanilla-sex into her marriage.

Mike pointed to the phone. ?That’s… that was…’

She tugged the knot of her belt and let the strip of material glide through her fingers. She opened up the sides of the trench coat and let the garment slide to the floor.

?… George, my boss…’ A long moment passed as his eyes slid up and down her body. It had been a long time since she’d seen that glimmer of awareness in them. A tendril of excitement unfurled in her belly.

?Say something, Mike. You look like a goldfish!’

?…You’re wearing… What are you wearing?’ He reached for the coat. ?Quick! Put this back on. Someone might come in!’

?I locked the door. No one’s coming in. You’re all mine.’ She pointed to his belt. ?Undo it.’

?Nance. You’ve lost your mind!’

?I. Said. Undo. It.’ She stabbed her freshly-painted gleaming ruby fingernail into his belly. ?You’ll do as I say… or I might have to punish you.’

The command hung heavy in the air, teetering on a would-he-do-it-or-not breathless hinge. Then slowly Mike’s fingers grappled and unclasped his belt. A tingle spread through her body and warmed that place at the juncture her thighs that had been forgotten for so, so, long.

At forty-five, Mike was still a handsome man, able to turn a woman’s head. He was completely oblivious, but she’d always admired how his shoulders filled out his jackets and the way his bum filled out the right pair of jeans. Maybe she should tell him more often. If she had, maybe their relationship wouldn’t have gone from wanton to where-is-it. She’d almost thought of herself as a born-again virgin.

But the way he now watched her, with that heated flare in his gaze, she realised he remained as hungry for her as she was for him. A surge of power and heightened awareness crested through her body.

The belt unbuckled. He waited for her command. She licked her lips. ?Now, unzip yourself.’

His hands moved to the top of his pants fly. The sound of the zipper filled her sensitized hearing — until it stopped. Mike frowned as he tried to work the fastening.

Nancy peered at the zip. ?What’s happened?’

?It’s stuck.’

?Here. Give me a look.’ She gripped the pull tab but it held, immobile. ?It’s caught in your shirt. Hang on. I’ll just…’

A quick tug and the slider bow came off in her hand. As well as a thick square of Mike’s business shirt. The rest of the zipper fell apart as the teeth unlatched all the way to the end of the zip.

?You’ve broken it!’ Mike panted, hands flailing uselessly either side of his groin.

Nancy stared at the piece of broken metal in her palm.

?Nance! What am I going to do? I have a sales meeting this afternoon.’

At the moment, she wasn’t concerned with meetings. She glimpsed the length of his erection through his boxers and tossed the latch over her shoulder.


?I’ll bring you a pair of pants back from home. Now. Pull yourself out.’

A moment of hesitation and his hands stilled. She slapped her thigh, the sound of her palm connecting with her skin echoed off the walls. ?Do it! Now!’

He jumped and immediately adjusted himself so that he was bared to her. She sucked in her bottom lip as she carefully sunk to her knees in front of him. Her fingers splayed over his well-muscled thighs. Slowly, carefully, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft. He hissed as his whole body stiffened. Her gaze drifted up towards his. Mike watched her with such intensity that for a moment she became lost.

?I never expected you to do anything like this.’ His voice was raw.

She felt suddenly shy, which was at odds since she worked his erection. Slowly up, slowly down; tracing her fingertips leisurely over the silky skin. ?I didn’t think you’d like it.’

His brows disappeared into his hair-line. ?Are you serious! This is the hottest thing you’ve ever done!’

?Really? You think this is hot?’ She began massaging firmly now, circling him with her fingers, shyness dissolving to boldness.

He groaned. ?I only wish you’d thought it of it sooner. Or I’d thought of it sooner and told you I’d think it’d be hot. You know what I mean. You’re scrambling my brain.’

?I’ve always wanted to…’ She didn’t really know how to tell him. After all these years, she should know how to talk to her husband about sex. It’s just that… well, they never had.

?Wanted to do what, sweetheart?’

She smiled at the endearment. ?I’ve always wanted to spice things up.’

?Why now? Not that I’m complaining.’ His voice tensed. Good.

She leant forward so that her breath whispered over the tip of his erection. The secret she’d hidden longing for release. ?Sometimes I think, you know, we’ve been married for so long, that… Well, maybe you’re not interested in me anymore.’

A raw gleam in his eyes told her otherwise. A hunger that acted as a physical touch quickly heating skin. ?No one else does this to me, Nancy. Not even close.’

?Not in all this time?’

?Nancy, let me tell you that you’re the only woman I’m interested in, have ever been interested in and ever will be interested in. Nothing is off limits. I’m your willing partner. I’ll do anything you want to try.’

Her mouth twisted. ?Anything?’

?As long as I’m exploring it with you, I’m more than happy.’

She smiled. Smiled as tension lifted from her heart. Smiled as the doubts melted from her soul. Smiled as she had on their wedding day. It was as though they’d renewed their vows.

She leaned forward and slowly drew the tip of her tongue along the underside of his erection. Mike’s groan turned into a choking sort of sound as her lips slipped over the head.

The sound of knocking cracked through the room. Nancy clamped her jaw. Mike’s scream exploded. Nancy screeched as she fell back onto her buttocks. Mike bent forward, both hands clasping his groin.

?Oh, God. Mike. I’m so… so…’ She held a shaking hand to her mouth.

But what could she say. The mood had been broken, their future that seemed so sparkly and exciting evaporated. There was no coming back from this disaster.

?Mike. Is everything okay in there?’ A male muffled voice sounded through the door. The door knob rattled. ?The door’s locked.’

?Fine, George.’ Mike’s voice was strained.

Nancy gasped. George? The George she’d hung up on. Mike’s boss George!

?You don’t sound fine. I thought something might be wrong when the phone went dead. Hang on, I’ll just get someone to open the door.’

?No!’ Mike squeaked, then cleared his voice. ?I mean, no. I… I’m coming.’ He bent down to her. ?Nancy. Get under the desk. Quick!’

Ignoring carpet burn, Nancy clambered in the section of Mike’s desk where he sat. Hunching between the sides of the drawers, she saw that she’d torn the knees out of her stockings. Great, to top everything off, they’d cost twenty bucks.

?Arghh. My zip!’

?I’m sorry, Mike.’ Wet heat welled into her eyes and she clamped her eyelids shut to contain her tears. She remembered the trench coat on the floor just as he shoved it into her hands.

?Just… be quiet for a sec,’ Mike whispered. She heard the sound of limping footsteps across the office carpet, the snip of the lock and the door opening.

?Mike... You don’t look good. You’re all, sort of, flushed. And… sweaty.’

?To tell you the truth, I don’t feel so good. Must have been the oysters my wife gave me for dinner.’

Nancy tried to stifle her squeak.

?What’s that sound?’

?Uh… must be the radio,’ Mike said.

?Same thing happened to me a while back. The wife and I bought some oysters from one of those roadside vendors. Thought it would be a good idea to make Oysters Kilpatrick. Let me tell you, we’ve never done anything so stupid since. Anyway, I know how it is. Take the rest of the day off. Go home and recover.’

?You sure, George?’

?Fine. Fine. Ask your wife where she bought those oysters and never go back there again.’

?Hmmm. I’ll take your advice, George.’

A soft click sounded as the door latched shut and Mike’s soft footsteps came towards her. The chair moved and he helped Nancy from the confined space.

?I’m so sorry, Mike.’ A tear leaked and she brushed it away.

?Let’s… just get you home.’ Mike sounded tired. Ashamed. She was equally ashamed of herself. Ashamed that she could even think that a middle-aged fatty like herself could sexually fire up anyone. Operation Marriage Restoration stood a failure. She remained a failure.

She let Mike dress her in the coat. He cinched the belt at her waist while she kept her gaze firmly on the floor.

Mike shrugged into his suit jacket. His zipper yawned open like an obscene smile, the edges flashing its broken teeth. He fastened his jacket button, hiding the gaping hole that haloed his groin.

He linked his elbow through hers and together they limped out, her with her broken shoes and him with this throbbing… well, you know.

?Going so soon, Nancy?’ Gail asked.

?Yes. It’s all over, Gail.’ She sounded as weary as she felt.

Mike helped her into his car and sighed as he settled into the driver’s seat.

?What about my car?’ Nancy asked.

?Well get it tomorrow. Let’s just go home,’ Mike said.

Nancy kept her gaze firmly in front, not wanting to see the censure on his face, but a chuckle had her jerking her head to the side.

?You’re… laughing?’

Tears leaked down his face. ?Geez, Nance. You have to admit. You don’t do things by halves.’

?You think this is funny? All of this effort. These stupid, lacy things. These shoes. This is not funny!’

?Hey, I happen to like those stupid lacy things on you.’

It took her a moment to speak. ?You do? My arse looks huge.’

?I don’t care about your arse, Nancy. I care about you and I really appreciate all of this effort.’

?Come on, Mike. It’s a disaster.’

He tucked a knuckle beneath her chin tilting her head. ?Nance. I meant what I said to you before. I only want you. I only need you. I only love you. I love your body. Your mind. Your intellect. I love everything you do. Even the disasters. Because they are a part of you.’

He pressed his lips to hers and kissed her in that way that made her gooey and mushy and tingly all at the same time.

The way only Mike could kiss her.

He drew back and started the car.

?Where are we going?’

?Home. Boss gave me the day off, remember? I’m making the most out of those lacy under things you’re wearing. Or soon to be not wearing.’

?But you’re hurt… I bit you.’

?Nance, nothing’s going to stop me enjoying this Valentine’s Day.’

?You remembered that it’s Valentine’s Day?’

?I did. When we’re finished at home, I’ve booked a dinner at your favourite restaurant.’

?What about the kids?’

?Taken care of.’

?What about...?’

?Don’t worry. This day is yours. I’m yours.’

A sigh flowed through her heart and body. He was hers and she was his. This day wasn’t a disaster after all. It was more than sex. This was a day about reaffirming their life together, their hearts and their love.

?That’s sounds absolutely fantastic.’ Nancy smiled.

?Just one thing, though.’


?Just to be on the safe side, let’s not order any oysters.’


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