Getting Hitched - Romantic Comedy Novella


Sara should be really, really scared. Terrified even. But she’s simply too busy to worry about little things like that. She has a wedding to plan and she intends to have the perfect day. Besides, when it’s all organised, she’ll relax and enjoy loving her fiancé. Until then, she has a job to do. Many, many jobs.


But Sara still hasn’t found the perfect gown, organised the flowers, the hair, make-up, photographer or the thousand other things she has to get done for the ‘perfect, romantic day she will remember for the rest of her life’. With only four weeks to go, not only has she been unable to match the perfect pink but the groom has gone missing.


Sara is caught in a dilemma. Should she worry that Andy might actually be half way round the world drinking margaritas and partying it up in Mexico with half-dressed bimbos or should she buy that sexy little bikini she saw online for her honeymoon.


One thing’s for sure, with Andy away and leaving the wedding plans to her, she doesn’t care if she’s a bridezilla or not. Some things are bigger than mere reputation.

Getting Preggas - Romantic Comedy Novella


Andy and Sara have been trying to have a baby going on two years now. At first they really didn’t notice that it was taking that long — after all, the pleasure is in the trying and chores such as vacuuming doesn’t really compare to the ‘chore’ of becoming pregnant. But when they start to notice their friends’ expanding families, one-sided invitations to christenings, baptisms and first birthday parties, things start to get desperate.


And desperate times call for desperate measures.


When Sara puts all of her faith into their doctor’s recommendation that perhaps they are just trying too hard, Sara sticks to her goal. One whole month without special cuddles, much to Andy’s consternation. After all, Sara needs to build up those little wrigglers. They have a serious job to do!


A fun novella of Children Gifted Friends — CGF’s, a Collins Street Specialist — CSS, cats with stray claws, a case of not-so-sexy Arachnophobia and of course, trying to get pregnant.

Getting the Snip - Romantic Comedy Novella


Having a teething eleven month old baby who was already starting to totter around on his feet with the pure intention of keeping up with his three year old sister all day was beyond exhausting.


Sara can’t remember that last time she had a shower. She smells of stale breast milk and thinks she has baby puke in her hair from three days ago. And when she goes to bed, she wants to sleep. No special cuddles. The only thing she craves now-a-days is to sleep-until-you-wake-up-naturally, just like she used to BC — Before Children.


Sara loves her children. She loves her husband and her family. But with the thought of having another child, her uterus wants to rip itself out of her body and run into oncoming traffic. Solution? Permanent contraception. Sara has the perfect idea. It’s just a small incision, twenty minutes of Andy’s time and poof — he’s done. Neutered like the cat.


It’ll take balls, but Andy will have to put his on the line if they ever want to have carefree, sex-on-tap, whenever they want it, pre-baby lovemaking again. Or will his nightmare of being chased by massive scissors make him run in the opposite direction to the scalpel?