Writing goals, habits and mindfulness – how to keep your writing dream alive


Writing a book is so much more than the nuts and bolts of plot structure and character development. The first thing you need to do is get your head around undertaking such a huge task. Many people start writing their book and completely run out of steam after chapter three. That’s when things stage to get hard and you have to keep your head on your goals if you want to achieve your dream.
Do you want to write a book? Do you struggle knowing how to start and achieve this enormous task?  Life offers a plethora of obstacles and a huge amount of choices. No matter how much of a burning ambition you have to write your book, there never seems to be enough time. Too often people will say they have a great idea for a book, and never, ever finish it.


You need to separate what’s important and irrelevant in your life and support yourself to achieve what is commonly a life-long dream. 'Write your right goals' shares a detailed plan to help you write your book from start to finish. Don’t just let writing your book be a forever dream. Make it a reality.



  • Learn how to set your daily writing targets – what should they be?

  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and self-doubt

  • FREE pdf documents to download which will help you define your writing goals

How I carved out enough time in between raising children, working a job, looking after a house and husband and managed to write more than twenty novels. This book is based on my experience of overcoming mistakes I made as a newbie novelist and how I learned to make enough time in my day to realise my dream of writing a book, time after time, after time. I hope you can take advantage of my experiences so that you can write your dream book too.

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