Chloe's Story

Chloe is given a mundane little red garnet by a perfectly strange stranger. Along with a perfectly strange romance story. She might have left the garnet sitting on the café table where she’d been given it, if she hadn’t been so desperate. She was going to a Valentine’s Day party. Dion would be there. And she’d spent a small fortune turning herself into a woman Dion might find attractive. One that she just… wasn’t. But desperate times called for desperate measures.


She was relying on the little red dress that hid far too little, the new complicated blonde up-do that was far too bright, killer heels she couldn’t walk comfortably in and the strange red garnet that was now strung on a shiny silvery chain around her neck. Well, who was she to turn down any extra help she could get when it comes to love.


Chloe was determined to break free of her old mundane life where her computer avatar had more fun than she ever had and finally get Dion to notice her. But when Lachlan rescues her from a near tumble from said killer heels, she quickly learns that her priorities might not be just what she expected.


A fun romance novella filled with a chance conversation, a change of heart and finding unexpected love.

Lydia's Story

The magical garnet is passed on...


Work-a-holic. Frigid. Ice-Queen. That’s Lydia’s reputation. And it always worked well until - now. Until she met Clarke at her companies conference. She was here to work hard and impress her boss, not to notice Clarke’s devastatingly handsome looks, his sexy eyes or note his intelligence.


She was here to weigh Clarke up as a potential client. Business was complicated enough without romantic emotions messing up her priorities. It simply isn’t on her plans to double think the way she’d lived her life up until how.


Not only had Clarke challenged her to loosen up, her anger had pushed her to accept his ridiculous dare. Then a complete stranger handed her a red garnet pendant that strangely seemed to talk to her. The day was getting out of hand as it was and now she was being directed to do by a bossy stone!


Her foundations are crumbling. Torn between unwanted desire and deep-seated fear of change, can Lydia break through past ties and trust her smashed-to-pieces heart?