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Have you ever read a book that kept you up at night, turning page after page and it didn’t matter that it was two in the morning – you just couldn’t put that book down! Have you dreamed about writing a book just like that? In ?Write Your Right Plot’, you’ll learn the secret of never-fail plotting. I reveal strategies to help you write a compelling, irresistible plot.

This is the technique I’ve used to write 20+ novels and counting, and insights I wished I’d known when I’d just started. ?Write Your Right Plot’ guides you through character development, gives practical advice, provides hands-on worksheets and describes you the skills you need to understand plot and story structure.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create compelling, ?real-life’ characters. Your characters are your book’s backbone. If they aren’t well-rounded and believable, you’ll lose your readers interest. Invent strong enough characters that will fascinate your reader and deep enough to last a whole book.

  • Learn how to craft an appealing protagonist, a worthy antagonist and engaging ally and how these characters interact to shape your story into the page-turner you want to write.

  • Learn what your protagonist’s fatal-flaw is, and why and how they have their strengths and weaknesses. See how compelling goals, intense motivations and dire conflicts shape and change your protagonist and IS the backbone of your story.

  • Map out your story, building a compelling beginning, a tight middle, and how to keep your characters on the path to a gripping climax and satisfying end.

  • Learn how to re-draft your story until it shines.

  • FREE downloadable workbook to help you write your book.


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