Being Real w/ Susan Boyle, Andy Rooney, Steve Correll & Lucille Ball

Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis challenges women and men to challenge the superficiality of following the traps of the beauty industry and media glamour blitz. Such allegiance to glamour produces eating disorders, depression, inferiority in our daughters, "relationship shopping," affairs and divorce and unrealistic expectations for bodily perfection which defies the realities of aging. The beauty of genuine glow and goodness of Susan Boyle, the sardonic realism of late Andy Rooney, the ugly mirror of humanity at its most judgmental in the character Michael on The Office so aptly portrayed by Steve Correll, and the humorous female folly but naturally funny Lucille Ball clearly become examples of iconic individuals who demonstrate the preference for being real, or really funny, or sardonically real, and or chagrined when we are artificial and cruel with judgement when we criticize the art of being human.


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