Review of Awakening the Warriors

Awakening the Warriors by S.E. Gilchrist

Loved the first line: ‘I so don’t want to dies in this cell, a zillion miles from home, in a galaxy I’ve never heard of.’ Got me on the first read through and I read this novella in one sitting.

I loved the setting: Kidnapped colonists from Earth sitting in a cell, waiting to be tortured with only two to-die-for men amongst men able to rescue them. Great for an erotic novella.

As this is an erotic novella, I’ll comment on the sex scenes (which I loved also). They were well written mixed with a good dose of emotional understanding. They were detailed, racy, witty where all characters became very emotionally involved. The idea of the ‘pull’ to have a normal, steady-headed woman lose all reserves was a great idea and I thought that it would have been good to explore that idea more and expand on Fran’s conception of the state she finds herself in.

I wold like to read the second instalment of this story, as it left with us wanting to know where Margaret’s sister is.

4 stars for me

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