BIT for 2015

Well, Christmas and New Years are over and looking forward to a fantastic 2015, filled with good luck, great health and success wherever you wish to find it. I went away to Jamieson with my parents and family where we had a great time swimming in the river, picking blackberries, going for drives in the Jeep, walking up steep mountains and visiting my dad;s home town of Wood's Point. Came back when the weather turned and have been busy ever since. When does it stop...? Thank you very much for Mum and Dad putting up with the kids, the husband and myself. I hope we weren't too loud for you! Thomas enjoyed the driving lessons and 'dredging' for gold. Madeline enjoyed going up to the shop to buy ice creams and jumping off the rock into the river (I used to do that when I was a kid! - too scared to do it now though). I enjoyed getting out and going for hikes and doing a bit of reading and writing. Yep that's me - all action. Anyway, we're BIT and looking forward to a fab year ahead.


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