5 Star review for Cursed from Alem's Corner

*Spoiler Alert* Cursed is a compelling, page turner that I have devoured in no time at all! I received an Advance Reader’s Copy from Ms. Charmaine Ross in exchange for an honest review. To be honest, I am not very excited to read this book because of the reason that it is Science Fiction and I am terribly picky when it comes to Science Fictions. I am not easily impressed, to say the least. But it was such a blessing that Ms. Ross gave me a chance to read this wonderful novel because it is not only exciting, it is clever! Set hundred years into the future, Ms. Ross had painted a very advanced world in my head. What I liked best in this novel is that explanations and history bounded to reality was provided. Theories and procedures seemed very real that there’s no part of this book that bored me. All through it, from the first page to the last, Ms. Ross had kept me captivated to Katia’s thrilling adventure to break free from her curse. Another favorite of mine is the LearnX! Seriously though, it would be awesome to have that kind of technology. And I hope I am as smart as Katia and her telekinesis is kick ass too! Katia’s struggle to trust and to accept that there could possibly be a chance for happiness in her life was brilliantly written, I don’t have anything else to say. That made me love Katia’s character, she is strong and the admittance that she needed Julius just made her stronger. One scene left such a deep impression to me though: it is when she discovered that her power is not a curse, it just depends on how she is going to use it. It is not just destructive. It can do more amazing things, such as to save life, and the only limit is her imagination. That made her a formidable heroine! That scene when she saved Julius’ life touched me, the realization that she couldn’t lose him had strummed my heartstrings and made me teary eyed. I was at the edge of my seat, wishing that she could do a miracle. And she did! I could site more scenes from the book and as much as I would love to do that, I’d rather not, because I don’t want to spoil the experience for you. The ending hinted that there is more in her story, it was just the beginning of Katia’s journey to freedom, only this time she wouldn’t be alone. I loved it! I so freaking loved it! My rating for this book is 5 shining stars. Gosh. I would definitely be reading MORE of Ms. Ross’ books. I just couldn’t get enough. And, I am looking forward to the next installation of Katia’s saga! Hopefully, I would be able to review it too. But before that, I highly recommend this to YA lovers all around the world. Pre–order the book! Purchase it as soon as it is published and that is this coming July, get your hands to this brilliant book. I assure you that this book is worth your money, it is! Can you feel my excitement? LOL And lastly, Ms. Charmaine Ross, you are an amazing writer. God bless you and your future books! I am so happy that I came across you and your book, and now I have a lot more amazing books to read!

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