The Burnham Beeches - backdrop for Take Me As I Am

Burnham Beeches is an iconic Art Moderne mansion and estate located on Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke, 45 minutes from the city of Melbourne. Aside from the exquisite mansion the estate contains extensive established gardens and a rolling rural landscape totaling 22.72 hectares (56.142 acres). The original mansion was built in 1933 and has two newer buildings (1980’s) adjoining it - these two wings incorporate 58 hotel rooms/suites.

These rooms/suites are currently stripped of fittings and fixtures but work has begun on transforming the space into Australia's first 6-star luxury retreat deliverable by 2018. In addition, there are numerous outbuildings, greenhouses, an old piggery, a mill and four cottages, streams, natural springs and an adjacent rainforest. The greenhouses now grow our vegetables, the piggery has been morphed into a state-of-the-art bakery and café with the mill becoming the Moo Brew-affiliated microbrewery and bar.

In time, Australia’s longest chicken run will be built at Burnham Beeches plus a 16-cow automated dairy, along with the steakhouse. Outside a slew of tables lay under heating strobes looking out to lawn bowls, croquet and bocce pitches. Look even further across the 23-hectare estate and into the distance and you’ll spot the 500-tree trufferie, extensive vegetable gardens (now providing organic produce for the café plus Vue de monde and assorted Vue Group restaurants) and an emu enclosure, with the eggs used in various Piggery Café dishes.

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