80 great quotes about love and romance: from Adam and Eve to chemsex

You might like some of these quotes from the great romantic movies and books of our times.

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"The heart will break, but broken live on” (Lord Byron)

The great Romantic poet George Gordon Byron, famously dubbed "mad, bad and dangerous to know" by lover Lady Caroline Lamb, first published his famous poem about the womaniser Don Juan in 1818. LORD BYRON'S poem is 16,000 lines long. In the poem it's actually the women who are always trying to seduce Don. In the film Don Juan DeMarco (above Johnny Depp gets passionate with Géraldine Pailhas), a modern day man who is convinced he is Don Juan has to undergo psychiatric treatment with Marlon Brando's character, Dr Jack Mickler. And what was the conclusion Byron (above right and played by Dennis Price in the 1947 film) reached about love? "Sweeter than anything is first and passionate Love: it stands alone".

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