Culinary tastes of the Bogan

Bogan food consists mainly of alcohol and is considered to be a legitimate part of any meal. Alcohol consists of beer, cask wine and for the cashed up Bogan – Jim Beam. Other forms of cheap wine, such as ‘Passion Pop’ is a popular beverage for the younger Bogan (8 – 14 year olds).

For the bogan, the most important thing of all about providing dinner is not whether it is healthy or nutritious, but that it takes as minimal effort as humanly possible. If home delivery is not available then the nearest drive-through is the next best option. To soak up the alcohol with each meal, Bogans are known for eating large amounts of takeaway food – eg HJ’s (Hungry Jacks) Maccas (McDonalds) KFC etc. Anything that is open late at night. Apart from Kebabs as they would be considered to be bloody Un-Astralian mate.

Other forms of Bogan Food are meat pies, frozen pizzas, two minute noodles and anything packet dried that can be made quickly with boiling water. The Bogan doesn’t like to spend much time on meal preparation. These food items are smothered with tomato sauce as a garnish to the mail.

A full-blood Bogan can barely tell the difference between Moet and mustard, but in blind tastings, Coca Cola can be differentiated from Pepsi every time without fail. Bogan’s have skills.

Walking into a supermarket, purchasing ingredients and following a recipe is something the Bogan will never accomplish. However, sometimes it likes to call his mates around for a barbecue. This involves each Bogan bringing their own case of beer, and exact portion of his or her own budget chops and bulk buy sausage as the Bogan etiquette strictly forbids sharing, this includes the Bogans condiment barbecue sauce. The unseasoned meat and sausages is taken straight from its packaging and thrown on to the fire. Each Bogan with beer in hand then stands over it, eyeing it closely to make sure his chop and bulk buy sausage does not end up on someone else's plate. As soon one side is fully cooked, it's thrown on a piece of bread smothered with sweet sugary tangy barbecue sauce and devoured as they discuss the footy and the pros and cons of having anal sex with the wife.

Hopefully this little tongue in cheek humorous snippet about Bogan life in Australia gives you a flash of insight into this unique part of Australian culture. My latest contemporary romance, Bogan Chick is nearly ready to be released. The date is yet to be finalised. Although I’ve called my heroine a Bogan in my book, she’s not really as bad as the idea portrayed in this blog, however she does have a hard time identifying nutritious food.

If you’d like to know a bit more about Bogan Chick, click here to read a blurb and an excerpt from the book.

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