Think you're a Bogan?

Bogan Test, designed by Simon Hubbard.

The test is a series of 100 questions which cover a whole range of topics. For example, bogan names: Is there a hyphen in your first name? And, are your kids named after precious stones? Lifestyle: Does your house have wheels? And is there a bathtub in your backyard? Or even fashion choices: do you wear tracksuits in public without exercising? And the list goes on…

The bad news, according to Mr Hubbard, is that once you've received your score there is no way of going back. In other words, you can't un-bogan yourself.

He also said that while most Australians would like to think we're getting less Bogan, our true bogan selves will never be too far away. But don’t just take his word for it. Give yourself a warm-up run on the test! Answer the first twenty and post your score below.

1. Are you named after a car, motorbike or fashion label? eg. Mercedes, Harley, Chanel 2. Is there a bathtub, washing machine or couch in your backyard? 3. Have you ever mowed the lawn and found a car? 4. Do you think bin night is every night? (i.e. do you leave the bins out all week?) 5. Have you appeared as a neighbour from hell on A Current Affair? 6. Do you go outside to use the toilet? 7. Do you stand in your front garden and drink beer? 8. Have you spent more money doing up your car than what you paid for it? 9. Do you wear your bathrobe outside? 10. Are thongs your primary footwear? 11. Do you have a Southern Cross tattoo? 12. Have you ever brewed your own beer? 13.Do you smoke like a chimney? 14.Have you ever been arrested without a shirt on? 15.Do you parent in public (loudly)? 16.Were any of your children the result of a conjugal visit? 17.Are you a Collingwood supporter? 18.Have you ever been in a Lowes commercial? 19.Have you ever worn the Australian flag as a cape? 20.Do you like walking through train carriages?

If you answered 'yes' to any one of these questions, then you're a Bogan too, sorry. Test yourself - click here

Hopefully this little tongue in cheek humorous snippet about Bogan life in Australia gives you a flash of insight into this unique part of Australian culture. My latest contemporary romance, Bogan Chick is nearly ready to be released. The date is yet to be finalised. Although I’ve called my heroine a Bogan in my book, she’s not really as bad as the idea portrayed in this blog, however she did get 100 out of 100 in this test.

If you’d like to know a bit more about Bogan Chick, click here to read a blurb and an excerpt from the book.

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