Why I wrote Bogan Chick

I admit, reading and writing about Bogans has been a bit of a fun exercise, but there is a more somber reason why I chose to write 'Bogan Chick'.

There was a television series, titled 'Struggle Street' which caused a bit of controversy. It was filmed to raise awareness and deepen understanding of those who live in the community facing social and economic hardship through an honest reflection of what it is like to be doing to tough in Australia today.

The series focused on several families and the day to day problems they struggled with. It was a very sobering experience to watch this documentary.

I was particularly inspired by one individual who was determined not to be brought down by the hardships of his life. He went out of his way to find a job, get himself to work every day and educate himself. I watched his everyday struggle with absolute admiration, knowing how hard is was for him to do this.

This is what I wanted for Sally. Knowing how hard it is to shake off restrictions of a life you don’t want, knowing that you have to be a person among people to be able to change your life from the bondage of circumstance. I enjoyed writing how a person can change and the internal and external struggles you would have to endure to undertake such a change.

If you’re interested in watching the series, it’s on YouTube here. I can tell you, it’s both hard and heartbreaking to watch, but I hope you do.

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