It’s not whether you can or can’t, it’s whether you will or won’t.

June 27, 2016

I’d like to talk about limiting self-beliefs that people hold on to. These self-beliefs are very powerful and will shape your entire life if you let them. By focussing on positive areas of your life, you’ll be able to transform the negative areas. The way to turn things from negative to positive is through gratitude. By doing this, you can re-wire your obstinante brain.


Dr Dennis Cummins talks about gratitude in his book, ‘Turning Terrible into Terrific’. Dennis shared the three steps he has found to turn any situation into terrific.


Step #1

Start with gratitude. Be grateful for what you’ve got.


It’s easy to be grateful for the things in your life when everything’s going well. The challenge is to find something to be grateful for when they’re not really going well, when things are really terrible. How do you look through all the junk, all the things that are not good, to find the one thing that is? If you start focussing on that, you start to develop a more positive attitude.


Step #2

You’re got to have focus. What is it that you really want?


People often take action based on their little wants, the things that aren’t really important but are just short-term things that bring them short-term happiness. So what do you really want? What will make your life excellent? If you can crystalize that, then it’s going to make things a lot easier.


Step #3

The third step, and probably the most critical, is to take action. All the thinking, hoping, and coaching in the world isn’t accomplishing anything unless you do something.


Action is often the most complicated because we human beings don’t like to change. Our minds are set up to enjoy what is comfortable and familiar, so we resist change.


My suggestion is to do one small thing every day. People try to do too much, which causes fear, which in turn causes the brain to resist. Change makes us uncomfortable, but before long you’ll be comfortable with being uncomfortable.


If you do just one small thing a day, the brain doesn’t even realise you’ve done anything, so it stops being afraid. I call it a ‘sneaky success’. You do one little thing at a time, and the change is so small that your brain doesn’t even notice that you changed. But do a little bit every day for a whole year, and by the end of the year, you will have achieved dramatic change.


  1. Have gratitude for where you are, no matter where ‘here’ is

  2. Be really clear about where you want to go

  3. Just take one step toward that goal each and every day


It is essential to create intention and create the self-belief that you can in your mind. Change a little bit every day and your brain won’t throw up all of the old downing self-talk that it is programmed to do. If you truly believe in yourself, other people will believe in you too, although I do have to say here that you will always be your toughest judge. Tell yourself what you want and you will start to believe it. Your mind manifests what it creates.


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