The Erion Triad

A Negari Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Reverse Harem Romance

Book 3

Three Alien Warrior Princes. One human female abducted by an evil race of Reptiles intent on taking over the universe by any means possible.


Lucie Jackson is living a life any hot-blooded woman would dream about. Rescued by three sexy-as-sin alien warrior princes and living in a beautiful palace is beyond her wildest dreams.


Only all is not as is seems.


She’s the missing part of the Erion Princes’ Triad. The one missing piece that will form their Quad. Their Fated Mated. She’s meant to be their saviour. The missing key so that others in their Homeland may find their fated mate and form their own Quads. None has been formed in ten long years, and no children have been born.


They have returned the Erion Crystal to the tower, but it hasn’t lit up their Homeland. There have been no new Quads. No light. Everything rests on her shoulders.


And she has a secret that could kill them all if she tell anyone about it.


The Erion Triad don’t know what to do. Their Lucie is haunted. Always terrified. Something is holding her back and stopping their mate bond, but they have no idea what it is. They have eradicated all of the Reptiles and they are no longer a threat.


When she breaks into the Erion Tower and touches the crystal, it finally lights up – only it’s unnatural. An unseen, unknown entity breaks into their world and sends their Lucie into a coma. Their battlefield is one they’ve never fought on before. They only know in order to save their Homeland, they need to save their sweet, beautiful, tortured Lucie.


The threat is at critical stage. Can three separate Homelands, who have fought for centuries, finally come together to save their Homeplanet? Are three human females and their alien princes strong enough to endure or will it mean the destruction of their entire universe?


The Erion Triad is book three is the next series after The Hexonian Series set in an alternate universe where the Reptiles have developed into more intelligent and hard to defeat evil beings intent on bringing the unseen entity into another universe. You don’t have to read The Hexonian Series to enjoy The Erion Triad, but if you like sexy alien warriors, not-so-helpless plucky human females fighting an enemy too evil to be true, then you might like to start your journey with Jo’Aquin.


The Hexonian Series:

Jo’Aquin – Book 1

Striker – Book 2

Alastor – Book 3


The Negari Series:

The Ozar Triad – Book 1

The Arabis Triad – Book 2

The Erion Triad – Book 3





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