The Ozar Triad

A Negari Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Reverse Harem Romance

Book 1


Three Alien Warrior Princes. One human female abducted by an evil race of Reptiles intent on taking over the universe by any means possible.


Riley Sharp isn’t helpless. She’s a highly trained soldier on sabbatical from a mission gone wrong. She’s normally cool and collected under pressure, only when she wakes to find herself on an alien planet surrounded by Reptiles, she’s a little out of her league.


When you can’t fight. You run to fight another day. It’s a simple matter of survival.


The Ozar Triad have tracked the missing crystal that powers their land to the godsforsaken pit-hole of a spaceport to kill the ones that stole it and return it to their Homeland. The crystal was stolen ten years ago. There have been no Quads formed or children born in all that time and their species is on the brink of disaster, so when they finally track the weak signal, they’re ready to fight.


What they don’t expect to find is their fated mate. The only female in the universe that can turn their Triad into a Quad. That they have never seen a species like her before is as undeniable as their pull to the intensely beautiful female.


But when she fights them every step of the way, they find themselves in more trouble than just retrieving their precious crystal and saving their Homeland.


She’s nothing like the quiet, docile females of their species who know not to fight the mate bond. She’s their saviour. Their mate. Their everything. Only she has no idea.


Can one human female fend off three sexy-as-sin alien warrior princes and find the love she never thought she’d find, fighting an enemy and nefarious unseen forces, or will she succeed in returning to her world nobody has heard of before.


The Ozar Triad is book one is the next series after The Hexonian Series set in an alternate universe where the Reptiles have developed into more intelligent and hard to defeat evil beings intent on bringing the unseen entity into another universe. You don’t have to read The Hexonian Series to enjoy The Ozar Triad, but if you like sexy alien warriors, not-so-helpless plucky human females fighting an enemy too evil to be true, then you might like to start your journey with Jo’Aquin.


The Hexonian Series:

Jo’Aquin – Book 1

Striker – Book 2

Alastor – Book 3


The Negari Series:

The Ozar Triad – Book 1

The Arabis Triad – Book 2

The Erion Triad – Book 3





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