Daisy never knew the Winged existed. Not until she was captured by the King of the Winged. She was saved a certain death…but for how long.

Caught in an ancient prophecy, written before the Great waters flooded the Earth and war condemned humanity to mutate, Daisy wasn’t prepared to be named a saviour. She was a nothing. A waste that didn’t mutate like she should have. Nothing but morph food.

But Volar has other ideas.

The weight of the world rests on his shoulders. Out of necessity to save his own sister, he flew further than any of his men had gone before. By pure chance he found ‘The One’, who has the power to save all people from the terrible disease that is killing all of the tribes. Time is not on their side.

Daisy doesn’t believe she is anyone’s saviour. She has never heard of the Prophecy. She knows nothing of their ways. She also doesn’t know that she is his ‘Other’. The one and only person who can complete his soul, which she venomently denies.

Against all odds, he must ignore the allure of the Pull and make Daisy understand who she is really is before they all face certain death.