So you want to write a book - but you've found it's just not that simple. Questions crowd your head and now you're more confused than ever!


Where do you start? What do you write? What sort of story do you even want to write? There's so many genres out there, what does it all mean?

I faced this question recently when I finished a book I was writing and I wanted to write something new. Something I hadn't written before. I was faced with an enormous task, but putting everything into bite-sized pieces allowed me to keep 'overwhelm' at bay and start writing.

So, I wrote this book to help myself decide where I needed to start, and now I'm offering it for free. In it, I look at the different types of genre and what they entail, the three act structure and how that will help plot your story, characters and what protagonists, antagonists and allies actually do, and then take an in-depth look at the genres or romance, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers and historicals.

I hope you find this as helpful to read as I did to write!